Awards and decorations of the Singapore Police Services

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Orders and decorations conferred to officers of the Singapore Police Services in Singapore which includes officers from Singapore Police Force, Singapore Prison Service and Central Narcotics Bureau.


Colonial Era[edit]

After World War II[edit]



  • Commissioner Of Police Commendation
  • Commissioner Of Police Testimonial
  • Certificate Of Commendation, Police National Service Department


Skills Badges[edit]

  • SOC Badge
  • K9 Badge
  • STAR Badge
  • Sniper Badge (Sleeve) (Basic, Senior, Master)
  • Parachute Badge (Basic, Senior, Master)
  • Parachute Badge Thai Airborne
  • STAR Diver Badge
  • Diver Badge (Basic, Senior, Master )
  • Combat Skills Badge (MP5) Badge
  • Gurka (GC) (Sleeve)
  • Police Coast Guard (Coxswain (Gold), Crew - Steersman (Silver), Gunner (Bronze))
  • Security Command (Seccom) Badge
  • Field Instructor (FI) Badge, 3 Grades (Silver, Gold, Red) (Junior - Senior FI Ranks) (Sleeve)
  • Police Drone Control, UAV Badge
  • ERT Badge
  • Procom Badge (IRT Badge)
  • Taekwondo Badge
  • Trainer Badge(HTA), 4 Grades (Trainer, Specialist Trainer(Bronze), Principal Trainer(Silver), Master Trainer(Gold))
  • FRT Badge
  • RED Teaming Badge

Identification Badge[edit]

  • Aide-de-Camp Badge
  • SPF200 Badge
  • Guard Of Honour Badge
  • Crisis Negotiator Badge
  • SPF Overseas Deployment Badge
  • Airport Badge


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