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User:Fg2 has been a Wikipedia editor since 2004. The editor first contributed to Wikipedia anonymously in April of that year, and established the user account in order to upload photographs. The first contribution under this name was a photo of the graves of the Forty-seven Ronin at Sengaku-ji, Takanawa, Minato, Tokyo, Japan.

Since then, User:Fg2 has logged thousands of edits and uploaded hundreds of images. The user contributes mostly to articles related to Japan, on subjects including society, geography, culture, and transportation. This user started the Portal to Japan.

User:Fg2 is active on the Wikimedia Commons with a few thousand edits under the same user name, and on the Japanese Wikipedia with a few hundred edits under the name 二八.

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HiroshimaGembakuDome.jpg OsakaCastleM0701BW.jpg Two Jizos PICT0053.jpg
Tazawako.jpg LotusBud0048a.jpg FujiSunriseKawaguchiko2025WP.jpg
TenryujiMomijiNarrow.jpg TokyoTocho.jpg AmanoiwatoTablet.jpg

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