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The SOAS Library needs fuller coverage.

Bernard Lewis: 'The neo-cons' favourite historian',[edit]

Could you please tell me who these "neo-cons" are, and when they've stated that Lewis is their favorite historian? It just sounds like somebody's opinion. -- Dan

Of course it's someone's opinion[edit]

It's a catchphrase, not sacred fact, Mr Pedant Dan. Bernard Lewis has been referred to by various influential publications as an academic poster-boy for the neo-conservative project within the humanities, specifically with regard to the project of nation and democracy building in the Middle East, a project which Lewis has long been advocating and which the US has taken on board most explicitly since the outbreak of the Iraq war.

can someone fix ToC?[edit]

It probably shouldn't be in the picture area thingumy. -nshworth al-nsh

SOAS Marxist Society[edit]

"The SOAS Marxist Society holds frequent events and encourages student voter registration."

Is this not the case for all groups at the university? Prior to lockdown, all groups held frequent events. I cannot see how this is relevant, especially as it is unsourced. MrEarlGray (talk) 08:05, 25 June 2021 (UTC)