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John Ford (1894–1973) was an American film director who won four Academy Awards.

John or Johnny Ford may also refer to:


  • John Ford, a West End actor and Anglican priest, father of British journalist Anna Ford
  • John of Ford (c. 1140 – 1244), abbot of the Dorset Cistercian monastery Forde Abbey
  • John Ford (minister) (1767–1826), politician and Methodist leader in South Carolina and Mississippi Territory
  • John Ford (bishop) (born 1952), Bishop of Plymouth
  • John C. Ford, (1902–1989), American Catholic theologian and Jesuit priest with strong emphasis on Humanae vitae

Public officials[edit]

Literary figures[edit]

  • John Ford (dramatist) (1586 – c. 1640), English playwright and poet
  • Frank John Ford (born 1949), Australian theatre director, playwright and festival administrator
  • John M. Ford (1957–2006), American science fiction writer and poet
  • John-James Ford (born 1972), Canadian foreign service officer, poet, short story writer, and novelist


  • John Baptiste Ford (1811–1903), U.S. businessman, founder of Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company
  • John T. Ford (1829–1894), owner and manager of the theater where Lincoln was assassinated
  • John Gardner Ford (born 1951), business executive, son of U.S. President Gerald Ford



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